Australian shelving specialists, providing leading shelving services and products meeting all Australian Standards. Our shelving supplies, which includes Ezyspan, RUT & Rivet shelving, as well as Longspan shelving and Retail shelving, are available in new or second hand.
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Selecting the correct shelving system to suit your individual requirements will provide you a safe, efficient and cost effective solution.

Industor shelving systems have been designed and tested in Australia to fully comply with Australian Standard 4084-2012 and meet structural analysis requirements while satisfying other standards.

The extensive adjustability, and range of optional components, ensures we can supply an individual solution to store your products for operational efficiency.

Ezyspan Shelving

Ezyspan Shelving

Ezyspan Shelving Systems

Ezyspan is a long span shelving system that is ideal for high density storage.  This shelving system is available in project quantities only.

  • One system endless possibilities
  • Up to 4500mm high
  • 450, 600, 900 & 1200mm deep
  • 900,1200,1800 & 2400mm wide
  • Mezzanine rated support structure
  • Hang bars, tool storage options
  • Medium / high density shelving system

The Ezyspan shelving system is used throughout various industries which include retail shops, supermarkets and warehousing pick and pack operations. This type of system is also ideal as a mezzanine support structure. We also stock accessories to suit all needs.

RUT Shelving

RUT Shelving

RUT Shelving Systems

RUT shelving (Rolled Upright Type) is a closed style shelving that allows adjustable mid shelves. RUT shelving can be easily extended as needed, and are perfect for pick and pack operations.

  • 1875, 2175 & 2375mm high
  • 400 & 600mm deep
  • 900mm wide
  • Single or double sided
  • Shelf Dividers, bin fronts, data strip labels
  • Static or compacstor™ systems

An RUT shelving system is commonly used in office and warehousing environments. It is commonly used for the storage of spare parts. We stock a massive range of suitable accessories for RUT shelving systems that include bins and labels.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving Systems

Rivet shelving is suitable for light duty applications with a maximum of 150kg load bearing per shelf level… [edit]

  • 1829 & 2134mm high
  • 460 & 570mm deep shelves
  • 900, 1200, 1800 & 2000mm wide
  • Board, mesh or galvanised shelf inserts
  • Cool room suitable

Our Rivet shelving systems have a zinc finish, protecting your shelving from corrosion, and comes with a choice of either mesh shelves, galvanised shelves or board shelf inserts.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving Systems

Longspan shelving is a shelving system designed for the suitability of storing products like tools, boxes, spare parts, and a range of other products. Industor is able to give you a choice of Longspan shelving configurations and shelf inserts.

  • 1800, 2000 & 2400mm high units
  • 460, 600 & 900mm deep
  • 1200, 1800 & 2400mm wide
  • Board, mesh or galvanised shelf inserts
  • Security gates available

Our Longspan storage shelving is predominately used in storerooms, workshops, retail environments, warehouses and even in shipping containers. This shelving system is ideal for small to high density storage.

Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving Systems

Gondola Shelving, also known as retail shelving, is a storage shelving system that is commonly used in supermarkets, convenience shops and department stores. They are ideal for the display of hardware, electronics, electrical components and computer equipment.

  • 1500 & 1800mm high
  • 350, 400 & 450mm deep shelves
  • 900mm wide
  • Level or angled shelves
  • Wire binning, data strip labels
  • Hooks, spikes, hangbars available

Gondolas generally consist of a flat base with a vertical wall which has either notches, pegboards or a slatwall. Gondola shelving systems allows single sided or double sided display shelving advantages.

Compactstor™ Shelving

Compacstor Shelving

Compactstor™ Shelving Systems

Compactstor™ shelving is a space saver developed predominately for offices. This type of storage system is ideal for archive storing.

  • 1875, 2175mm high (plus mobile base)
  • 400mm deep shelves
  • Hand or mechanically operated
  • Base or floor mounted
  • File racks available

Our compact shelving system can either be hand operated or mechanically operated and are supplied with deep shelves to maximise your storage potential. We are also able to provide specialised filing racks which are suitable for creating a compact filing shelving system.

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